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Avian Migrate - NY Stamped

Avian Enterprises
EPA Registration #: 91897-3
Active Ingredients: Methyl Anthranilate
Signal Word: Caution
Service Type:
Bird Control
Labeled Pests:
Birds, Geese
Use Sites:
Agricultural Areas, Athletic Fields, Campgrounds, Cemeteries, Golf Courses, Landscape, Lawn, Ornamentals, Perimeter, Recreational Areas, Sodfarms, Trees


Bird Repellent for Commercial, Agricultural and Home Use.  To be used on Agricultural Commodities (Berries, Apples, Stone Fruits, Cereal Grains, and Sunflowers)
and Non-Agricultural Sites including Turf, Hydroseeding, Garbage, Food Stuffs, Waste & Trash, and Spot Repelling.