Our team consists of a combination of Seasoned Pest and Business Professionals. The concept of labelsds.com came from experiencing how hard it was to keep up with providing up to date labels and SDS sheets. There are so many different products out there today and there are so many generic versions of products that it is hard to keep up with the individual labels and SDS sheets of these products. Add to this the constant updating of labels, the addition of supplemental labels and the addition of new products in the marketplace; you can find it impossible to keep up with the ever changing label book.

Who We Are

User Types


You will need to assign an administrator. An administrator is usually the owner, manager or office manager. This will be the person responsible for setting up the account. They will have access to editing the product list, adding, editing or deleting users, adding editing or deleting managers, adding editing or deleting pest customer facilities, the company profile and billing information.


Managers are supervisors or office personnel. Managers will be able to create and edit the product label SDS list, add edit or delete users, add, edit or delete customer facilities. If authorized by the administrator, the manager can have access to the profile and billing information.


Technicians will only be able to view the product label SDS list and the pest customer label and SDS lists. They will not be able to edit any information on the lists. They will not have access to the profile or billing information.

Pest Control Customers

Pest Control Customers will only be able to view their product label and SDS list. If they want to add, edit or delete products they would need to contact the manager to facilitate this.

First Responders

Emergency personnel will have their own access portal with their own login and password. They will be able to access your customer product label SDS list.  They will be able to look you up by company name, address and or phone number. They will only be able to view and will not be able to add, edit or delete information.

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