Product Information

MasterLine Bifenthrin 7.9

MasterLine-Univar / Veseris
EPA Registration #: 73748-7
Pest / Termite
Lawn / Ornamental
Greenhouse / Nursery
Golf Course

Signal Word: Caution
Pesticide - 3A


Controls listed Insects and Mites on Trees, Shrubs, Flowering Plants, Non-Bearing Fruit and Nut Trees, and Flowers.  Controls Pests Indoors and Outdoors on Residential, Institutional, Public, Commercial, and Industrial Buildings, and Lawns, Ornamentals, Parks, Recreational Areas and Athletic Fields.   For Use in Interiorscapes including Hotels, Shopping Malls, and Office Buildings.  For Use in Outdoor Plantscapes including Residential Dwellings, Parks, Institutional Buildings, Recreational Areas, Athletic Fields, and Home Lawns.  Prevents and Controls Termites in and around Structures and Constructions.  Prevents and Controls Ticks (including ticks that may transmit Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.  For the Control of Deer ticks (Ixodes sp.).




Fire Hazard


Health Hazard


Reactivity/Instability/Physical Hazard

Special Hazard (NFPA)/ Personal Protection (HMI)
Exclamation Mark
  • Irritant (skin and eye)
  • Skin Sensitizer
  • Acute Toxicity (harmful)
  • Narcotic Effects
  • Respiratory Tract Irritant
  • Hazardous to Ozone Layer (Non-Mandatory