Product Information

Aqua Perm X UL 30-30

Central Garden & Pet
EPA Registration #: 89459-76
Pest / Termite

Signal Word: Caution
Pesticide - 3A


For use only by federal, state, tribal or local government officials responsible for public health or vector control, or by persons certified in the appropriate category or otherwise authorized by the state or tribal lead pesticide regulatory agency to perform adult mosquito control applications, or by persons under their direct supervision.  CONTROLS: Adult Mosquitoes (including organophosphate-resistant mosquitoes), Midges (biting and non-biting) and
Black Flies.  FOR USE AS A: ULV, thermal and barrier applications using ground and aerial equipment in areas including: residential, industrial, commercial and within or adjacent to listed crops and range grasses.




Fire Hazard


Health Hazard


Reactivity/Instability/Physical Hazard

Special Hazard (NFPA)/ Personal Protection (HMI)
Health Hazard
  • Carcinogen
  • Mutagenicity
  • Reproductive Toxicity
  • Respiratory Sensitizer
  • Target Organ Toxicity
  • Aspiration Toxicity
Exclamation Mark
  • Irritant (skin and eye)
  • Skin Sensitizer
  • Acute Toxicity (harmful)
  • Narcotic Effects
  • Respiratory Tract Irritant
  • Hazardous to Ozone Layer (Non-Mandatory